WOW Sunday

All across America this month Mom’s and Dad’s have been celebrating. Why have we been celebrating? Because SCHOOL STARTS!! Yes you read that right school is back in, which means no more “Mom I’m bored” at 7:30 IN MORNING!

So to all you teachers out there, THANK YOU, for talking our moody, bored children away for a few hours a day.



WOW Sunday

I have been working on my research/literature review for grad school and in my research I ran across this passage that says so much about those of us who read. It’s from the book Remembrance of Things Past.

These afternoons [of reading] were crammed with more dramatic and sensational events than occur, often, in a whole lifetime. These were the events which took place in the book I was reading. It is true that the people concerned in them were not÷Ïreal people. But none of the feelings which the joys or misfortunes of a ÎrealÌ person awaken in us can be awakened except through a mental picture of those joys or misfortunes ….A `real’ person, profoundly as we may sympathise with him, is in a great measure perceptible only through our senses…we should have to spend years of our actual life in getting to know [all the joys and sorrows in the world], and the keenest, the most intense÷would never have been revealed to us because the slow course of their development stops our perception of them. It is the same in life; the heart changes, and that is our worst misfortune; but we learn of it only from reading or by imagination; for in reality its alteration, like that of certain natural phenomena, is so gradual that, even if we are able to distinguish, successively, each of its different states, we are still spared the actual sensation of change (118-9).

WoW Sunday

Last night I had the privilege to witness a vow renewal ceremony of a couple that has been married for 58 years this coming Tuesday. As I watched the groom (we were sitting at the brides back) I could clearly see the love and devotion he had to his wife. As he re-committed to loving her there were tears in his eyes and he was clearly overcome with emotions. The thought went through my mind that I want that with my husband (because he’s my rock I know I will).

Before the ceremony there was a book reading with Ann Aguire, Zoe Archer, Vivian Arend, Lauren Dane, Tessa Dare, Megan Hart and Courtney Milan. For the ceremony Lauren and Vivian sat with Laura and I where we had a fun discussion on our children (Lauren’s kids and mine are around the same age).

After the ceremony I said all the authors “That ladies is why we read romance.” During the reception I was standing with Lauren and the couple and they were telling us a bit about their story. On the night they met the groom told his friend the minute he saw her that she was going to be his wife someday. There was only one small problem he was going with the brides best friend at the time. It didn’t matter to him he knew she was it for him. (hmmm how many times have we read that in a romance novel?)

Watching these two people who have been married for so long interact reminded me of the example each of my grandparents have set for me on what marriage and love mean. Both sets of grandparent were married for more than 60 years. One of grandfathers passed away a year ago and my grandma was inconsolable for a long time. Neither set had had an easy life, both dealt with war, the loss of a child, poverty, sickness, wayward children and grandchildren, rough patched in their marriage. And they weathered it together. Leaning on each other. They were and are each others best friends. That is what I saw again last night. I don’t know the couples whole story but you could clearly see the love and devotion that they had for each other after 58 years of marriage.

Here are some pictures from last night…I didn’t realize I didn’t get any of the couple until this morning 🙁 and the picture of me with Lauren and Courtney is a bit blurry but what can you do 🙂 and I gotta love that double chin on me in the picture with Lauren and Vivian..

WoW Sunday

There are two very special boys in my family Rhino and Tiger (these are the names my sil uses for them on the internet). Both Rhino and Tiger are autistic. Because of the severity of their autism Tiger doesn’t talk and Rhino doesn’t always make sense when he talks however the other day he told his mom a joke that she shared on FB that made the entire family laugh.

“Why can’t jungle animals take a test?” Answer: There are too many cheetahs!



WOW Sunday

Today is the Superbowl and I for one am excited. However probably not as excited as two of our favorite authors Carly Phillips and Shannon Stacey. In honor of them today’s wow Sunday is going to be a fun one. If the Patriots will the Superbowl one lucky commenter from any post during the month of January regardless of whether it is a giveaway post or not will win 1 Carly Phillips book and 1 Shannon Stacey book. So start cheering for Tom Brady and his teammates.

WoW Sunday

January 1st is a day that brings endless possibilities to the new year. It’s a day to reflect back on the previous year and to look forward to the new one. Here at The Book Reading Gals 2011 was a great year for us. We were joined by Angela and Janon, traveled to Denver for RomCon, was able to talk to one of our literary icons on the phone for an hour, had most of our favorite authors on and the best part we got to read and share the books we love.

We are looking forward to 2012 with a lot of excitement one of them being we are being joined by another Book Reading Gal Elise and her love books. We have new authors and old favorites coming on and once again we will be heading to Denver, and the best part once again is we get to read and share the books we love with you.

We hope that 2012 is a great year for everyone!