WoW Sunday

I had no clue what to put for today. Then I had a conversation on twitter about Thanksgiving dinner and what everyone was making. I made the comment that the first Thanksgiving after I was married I hosted it and called my grandma for her recipes. She gave them all to me. Her candied yams, stuffing, rolls and gravy. Then she told me that all of these recipes had been given to her by her grandma. At the time that didn’t matter to me.

Now however I love the fact that even though I no longer have Thanksgiving Dinner with that side of my family I am still sharing them with my kids. They love the dishes as well. In fact they have taken over the making of the stuffing.

This to me is what the holiday’s are all about. The sharing of family traditions and passing them on to the next generation.

We here at The Book Reading Gals wish all of our readers a safe and happy Thanksgiving. May the day bring new memories and loosened pants to each of you.


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