A Few Good Men by Cat Johnson

Title: A Few Good Men

Series: Red, Hot and Blue bk 7

Author: Cat Johnson

Genre: Contemporary

He has met the enemy…but he’s never fought desire like this.

Deployed in the deadliest place on earth, Army Staff Sergeant John Blake relies on caffeine, adrenaline, years of training and sheer force of will to get through his days. He has no problem with his tank crew passing around a sexy romance novel, but John’s a fighter, not a lover. He’ll pass.

Winding up as the author’s accidental pen pal wasn’t in his plan, but there’s something about her sweet, caring emails that has him looking forward to checking his inbox.

Week after week, Maureen Mullen, aka erotic romance writer Summer Winters, has dated one loser after another in a quest to find the last decent man on earth. Now it seems she’s found him—halfway around the world. When it comes to falling for unavailable men, she’s batting a thousand.

Gradually, the emails between the war-hardened warrior and the writer of passionate prose heat up to the point of keeping them up warm and wanting at night. Soon they’re wondering if it’s possible to build something solid out of cyberspace, or if it’s just an emotional mirage that will dissolve in the heat of reality.

This book was previously published.

Product Warnings
Contains some steamy phone calls from the war zone and one hell of a sexy first meeting between two strangers who are already in love.

Cat Johnson’s latest release in the Red, Hot & Blue series, this is such a loving story.

Staff Sergeant John Blake it nearing the end of his second tour in Iraq when he ends up replying to a pen pal he had no intentions of replying to.

Maureen Mullen is from New York and has supports the troops by becoming a pen pal with soldiers. She ends up talking to John through another soldier she’d become friends with.

The friendship between John and Maureen grows through a series of emails and telephone calls. What develops between the two of them is an extremely caring and moving. I love Cat’s ability to write a short story from this perspective, How she managed to set them up together as pen pals.  What a fantastic idea.

This is a must read! You’ll fall in love with John and Maureen. I know I did.

Grade A+


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