BLOG TOUR: Need You Tonight by Roni Loren

91xiCkhwo-L._SL1500_Title:  Need You Tonight

Series:  Loving On The Edge Book #5

Author:  Roni Loren

Genre:  Contemporary, Erotic

BlurbShe’s making a wish list, and he wants to be on top.  From foster kid to trophy wife, Tessa McAllen is about to reinvent herself all over again—and defy every insult her cheating ex-husband ever used against her: Selfish? She’s championing a charity. Stupid? She’s getting her degree.  Boring in bed?  Kade Vandergriff can help her with that one. When they encounter each other at a singles event held at one of his restaurants, Tessa blurts out that kink is for girls who try too hard, and Kade instantly wants to show this sassy stranger how thrilling a night under his command can be…but when he learns her name, the game changes for both of them.  In high school, Tessa was the popular girl who stuttering, awkward Kade fell for. But she chose another. Now, as she eagerly learns lesson after lesson, he’s going to make sure she never forgets him again.

Thoughts:  Loving On The Edge is right!  This book definitely has a bit of an edge to it, and in more ways than one!  I loved this book, and I loved even more how Tessa and Kade didn’t immediately recognize each other.  They kind of had a chance to be together without being hit with all the baggage from their past.  And, while neither of them were perfect and made their share of mistakes, they were both immensely likeable as characters.  I also loved how neither of them started playing the blame game – they accepted the past, tried to understand each other’s viewpoints, and moved on.  It was fascinating to watch them fall in love all over again.  I was honestly surprised at the depth of the storyline.

This book was over 400 pages, and one of my concerns was that it would wind up a little long winded with parts that really lagged.  That was far from the case, thankfully.  The author did an exemplary job with keeping the story constant, fresh, and interesting.  I do feel the need to warn you though that there is a rape scene toward the end of the book, that is not only more descriptive than I have usually found, but also not quite like any other that I have come across.  To be honest, it is truly heart wrenching and will bring tears to your eyes.  While it is utterly horrible, I thought it was important to the overall story and that it really increased those character connections.  However, if that is a sensitive issue for you, you might want to pass on this one.  Even though the book is a series, it is also fully able to stand on it’s own without making you feel lost.

Rate:  A




  1. hotcha1

    BOOK 5
    ????????????? I NEED TO GET BOOK ONE! LOL

  2. Sarah (Post author)

    LOL The book can stand on it’s own as well, without making you feel lost, but if you are interested, the series goes as follows: #1 – Crash Into You, Still Into You which is a novella, #2 – Melt Into You, #3 Fall Into You, Not Into You which is a mini-series of eight serial e-books, and #4 – Caught Up On You.


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