Come Together by Jessica Hawkins *PLUS an Excerpt from the Author*

8924177Title:  Come Together

Series:  The Cityscape Series Book #3

Author:  Jessica Hawkins

Genre:  Literature/Fiction (Adult), Romance

BlurbWith a single decision, Olivia Germaine’s fantasy has become a reality. Now she is faced with two commitments: one she must make and one she must break. But in order to accept a love she never thought possible, Olivia will have to let go of the broken past that defines her – and of deeply-rooted fears that could ruin everything.
Everything is what David Dylan wants to give her, and it’s what he wants in return. He must prove to Olivia that despite his playboy ways, he’s worth leaving behind the stable future her husband can offer her. David is a man who always gets what he wants . . . but this time he may be fighting for something unattainable.
Can Olivia escape the past that threatens to consume her?
And can David break through to her before it does?

Thoughts:  I have to say, it’s not like me to rave over a series – but I can’t seem to help it when it comes to this one!  I absolutely love everything about these books.  For those of you unfamiliar with the series, I definitely recommend reading the prior two books first – there is simply no other way to delve into the complex situation going on, or to understand what the characters are going through or experiencing.  But bear in mind that the book is about a affair that takes place outside Olivia’s marriage.  And while they do try to fight their feelings for each other, if this is a hot button topic for you – you’ll want to give this series a pass.  But if you’re looking for a book that steps outside the norm, that pushes some boundaries, that makes you look at things from a different perspective, then look no further!

The way the author portrays the emotions of the characters is simply outstanding, and I have to admit that this last one exceeded my expectations.  Hawkins doesn’t take the easy way out – she deals with all the complex emotions that these characters are going through.  And no one moves on pretending an affair never happened, or that life is nothing but a happily ever after tale with no gut-wrenching emotions involved.  Choices are -and have been -made.  And friends are lost due to them.

There are also other topics in the book that are tackled in this one, namely Olivia and her feelings regarding parenthood.  And again, I praise Hawkins for tackling it and really letting you see the core emotions of these characters – and for not always taking the path typically found in other books.

Needless to say, by the time you get done with this series, your emotions will feel as if they have gone through the wringer.  But it is so worth it!  And you may come out of the experience with your eyes opened to a whole new perspective.

My ONLY complaint about this one is that it is the last of the series…:(  But it couldn’t have went out any better.  A+ for sure.  I know this whole series has become a personal favorite of mine.

Rate:  A+

A Special Excerpt from Jessica Hawkins:  

Come Together (The Cityscape Series, #3)

  As the elevator ascended, David’s body seemed to grow bigger, his bearing predatory. I was his cornered prey. And he was about to strike. After a charged moment, he nodded at the doors. “Go on.” In my thickening haze of anticipation, I hadn’t even noticed our arrival at the penthouse. “We’re late for a very important date,” he said.
“And what date is that?” I asked as we stepped off.
“You, me and nothing else. Leave everything at the door.” He unlocked the door and held it open so I could pass through before him. As I did though, he snatched my elbow. “I said everything.”
Over my shoulder, my gaze met his brown eyes, dark and lusty. He let the door slam to merge his body against my backside, gripping my shoulders roughly in his hands. “I’ve been crazy for you all day,” he rasped in my ear. “And although I love this nude dress, I want it off. Now.” He dragged the zipper down and dropped to his knees. I gasped when his lips touched the base of my spine. His hands skated up my exposed back and slid over my shoulders, releasing the gown so it slumped at my feet. They came around to my front, where he spread his fingers across my stomach. A moan vibrated against the small of my back, sending a shiver up to my shoulders.
He stood and wrapped an arm around my chest, his hardness pressing against my spine. His other hand dropped to pull me open by my inner thigh and touch me through my underwear. I was panting, swaying when he released me suddenly. “Jesus,” he muttered. “I can’t control myself with you.”
Through oversized windows, the city glow lent the only light to the room as he circled in front of me. I put my hand in his and stepped out of the dress, following as he led me down the stairs into the sunken living room.
“Keep those on,” he instructed, motioning to my new black stilettos. He removed his blazer and lit the fireplace as my body, alive with desire, wavered unsteadily in the four-inch heels. He emptied his pockets onto a side table and removed his Rolex. He undid his bowtie slowly with his hooded eyes fixed on me. His limbs, strong and brawny, moved fluidly as he shed clothing. I wanted to learn the contours of his body with my eyes, my fingers, my tongue. And when he looked at me that way, like it was the first time, I could barely help from melting at his feet.

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