Don’t Go by Alexa Riley

Title: Don’t Go

Series: For You Book #3

Stand Alone Title: yes
Author:  Alexa Riley

Genre:  Romance, Contemporary

Blurb: CEO Henry Osbourne has only ever desired one woman—the one who got away. New York Times and #1 ebook bestselling author Alexa Riley returns with Don’t Go , a virgin-hero insta-love contemporary romance in the For You series

I’ve spent the past ten years convincing myself that what I felt for her was teenage infatuation. That love so consuming couldn’t be real. Then everything went to shit, and in an instant, she was gone.

Kory Summers knew returning to New York meant running into Henry. The way her heartbeat picked up at just the thought was nervousness—not anticipation. Oh, no. She never expected to find him on her doorstep looking as handsome as ever.

She’s mine. She always has been. I’ve waited this long for her…but time’s up. I’ll use all my power, all my connections, to convince her she’s the one.

Kory ran from a boy, but a man of power and persuasion now stands in his place.

Favorite quote(s): “I may not be the same person I was when I was eighteen, but my heart is stuck in that library where you smiled at me for the first time.”

Thoughts: This is the first book I’ve read by Alexa Riley.  I’m not usually a fan of first person or alternating POV’s, but I was surprised at how quickly the book caught my attention.  I was immediately caught up with the characters and this second-chance at love novella.  I was a little shocked, too, since this is the first book I have ever read where both main characters were virgins.  Honestly, though, my main issue was it felt too short – with the misunderstanding, the pain, and the length of time since they had seen each other, it just felt like there needed to be a bit more build-up to it and a little longer ending and HEA.  Overall, enjoyable, but I wanted more.

Rating: B

Other books in this series: Stay Close (Book #1) and Hold Tight (Book #2)


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