Edge of Dreams by Diana Pharaoh Francis

cover64382-mediumTitle:  Edge of Dreams

Series:  Diamond City Magic Book #2

Author:  Diana Pharaoh Francis

Genre:  Romance, Sci-fi Fantasy, Urban Fantasy

Blurb:   The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
And a pound of flesh.

Magical tracking expert Riley Hollis is on a mission to save five teenagers lost inside a mountain. But nothing is what it seems, and soon Riley finds herself bruised, bloodied, and embroiled in a battle to bring down a sadistic criminal dealing in human souls and the darkest of magics.

Her only hope may be to swallow her pride and ask for help from her not-quite-ex-boyfriend and his notorious brother—Tyet criminal boss, Gregg Touray. Even that may not be enough to protect her. Something has gone very wrong in the trace dimension and in Riley’s head.

If she doesn’t figure out how to handle the past, the present, the trace, and the bad guys, the road to hell is going to look like a great alternative.

Thoughts:  The Diamond City Magic series has quickly became one of my favorite urban fantasy reads to have popped up recently. I read the first book, Trace of Magic, months ago and it quickly became a favorite of mine – and definitely one that lingered in my mind long after I read it. Needless to say, I was waiting on pins and needles for this one for months! I loved the characters and this whole new world this author has managed to create, and I was eagerly waiting to see what happens next.

Edge of Dreams picks up not long after the first book leaves off, and –of course – with a whole new set of problems for Riley and her friends (and her frenemies!). The world is still just as interesting, and the storyline in this newest installment is definitely original and intriguing. Riley is always such a riveting character – the author does an amazing job bringing each character to life for the reader. This installment teases us a little with new insights into Riley’s powers, as well as the reemergence of Price – those factors alone making it well worth the read – but we also get new characters and more insight into some of the other characters – Riley’s brother for example. And let’s not forget the action packed pages that seem to be standard fare for this author – which definitely makes her books stand out amongst the rest!

I loved Edge of Dreams, but not quite as much as the first book in the series – but very, very close…J

When it comes to reading order, I think most people will connect more with the story by reading Trace of Magic first. While you can keep up with the goings-on in this book with little issues without it, I think there was just so much more character development in the first book – you really got a chance to get to know these characters, who they are and what the stand for, as well as what makes them tick – in book one. Something which is a little lacking in book two. Not to mention all the history you would be missing out on.

Great book in urban fantasy, particularly for those readers who love a little magic in their books! I think those who are fans of Ilona Andrews and her Kate Daniels series , Faith Hunter and her Jane Yellowrock series, and other similar type titles would fall in love with this series. Definitely a recommended title and/or series from me!  Can’t wait for book three!

Rate:  A


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