Going Long by Cari Quinn

22878104Title:  Going Long

Series:  Boys of Fall Series

Author:  Cari Quinn

Genre:  Romance, Contemporary

Blurb:   Wade Bennett is the younger brother of Colton Bennett, who happens to be the all-around perfect brother. In high school, Colt was a star linebacker while Wade was the punter, an important job without all of the glory. Colt also got all of the girls while Wade focused on school, family and his music. When Charlene Martinez—the only girl he’s ever truly wanted—falls for Colt, Wade decides to take his chances with music and goes on the road. Leaving behind his family, his new best friend, Rafe, and Charlene, who has feelings for Wade she’s never allowed herself to feel.

Years in Nashville have hardened the soft, dreamy guy who just wanted to sing and hang out with his dog, Melody. He’s found success on a small scale and has enough money to make a nice living, even if he knows he’ll never compete with his big brother. After Coach Carr has his heart attack, Wade comes home to help the man who helped him make the decision to go all those years ago.

Now coming home is all he wants…especially since a newly divorced Charlene is single again after divorcing Colt. And Wade is no longer a boy unwilling to fight for what—and who—he needs…

Thoughts:  I kind of expected to really love this book – I always enjoy when two brothers have had a thing for the same girl for years, though the execution of this one fell a bit short for me. They were each immature, with Wade feeling like Charlene knew his feelings when she apparently didn’t, Charlene being interested in Wade but skipping off to get involved with his brother even though she was really interested in Wade all along – and the worst part is that they don’t get any better in the maturity level now that they were supposedly older! Even worse, Colt – who swooped in and stole the girl his brother was in love with – acts like he has no idea why his brother wants nothing to do with him later on. It was just that immaturity level of the characters overall that bothered me throughout the book.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a great book and kept your attention from beginning to end. It fell in easily the other books in the Boys of Fall series, and the story was an engaging one. I was just hoping to really love it.

Rate:  A-


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