His Christmas Pleasure

His Christmas Pleasure

by Cathy Maxwell

Release date 11/30/10

When her father threatens to marry Abigail Montross off to a man twice her age (and with thirteen children!), she decides to elope instead with the irresistibly handsome Baron de Vasconia. She know all abut his notorious reputaiton. He is the most seductive man in all of London, but he’s vowed to protect her, so she allow herself to be tempted into his bed, promising to guard her heart at all costs.

Andres believes he’s entered into nothing more than a marriage of convenience with a charming and very wealthy young woman. But the days–and nights–Abigail spends in his arms soon reform this rogue. He’ll do anything to gain her love–until they each discover the truth about the other and old wounds are revealed.

It’s the season of miracles and passion–when love not only awakens the senses but delivers the greatest gift of all . .

During the holiday season you will find me reading lots of books about the holidays, I just love them!  So even though I have picked this book up a couple times and put it down again, I just could not resist it the last time I was running through the bookstore; and I am so glad I gave it a chance.

“His Christmas Pleasure” is such a wonderful story of honesty, perseverance and love and perfect for this time of year.   I enjoyed the twists and turns and loved the fact that the story took you on a different journey than a lot of the other books I have read lately.

I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good historical and being a Christmas one is just an added little bonus

Grade A



  1. Lisa Hutson

    Me too! I have picked it up and sat it down a bunch too. I have a pretty good pile of holiday books now though. So I dont know if I will get back to it. But it does sound good. Maybe I will even if it gets read long after the holidays! 🙂 Thanks for the reviews you do!

  2. Aurian

    I like this author, haven’t gotten this book yet though, but as I am a glommer, I most certainly will.


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