His Sinful Secret – Giveaway

His Sinful Secret
by Emma Wildes
Notorious Bachelor series book 3
release date 11/2/10

Betrothed to one brother, then married to another, Julianne Sutton finds herself a pawn in an unknown game. The enigmatic new Marquess of Longhaven knows all about the art of deception but he’s baffled by innocence. His new wife is trusting, lovely, and utterly bewitching. Imagine his surprise when he discovers that she has secrets of her own. As he battles a ruthless enemy, he quickly learns that love has an entirely different set of rules.

I was a little apprehensive when starting this book in the series; I read and enjoyed book 1 “My Lord Scandal” and could not wait to read Michaels story.  Than came book 2 “Our Wicked Mistake”, and even though Michael made another appearance helping out his friends again, this book was a disappointment.  So knowing that Michaels story was coming up next I pushed through and started “His Sinful Secret”, it was better than the second book but not as good as the first.

Let’s begin with what I enjoyed:  I loved Julianne her honesty, bravery and loyalty, she made a great heroine.  I did enjoy the premise of the story and following how Michael & Julianne’s relationship grew.  I also enjoyed the career choices that Michael made and the decisions regarding his family.

What annoyed me: When I read a series I enjoy the characters making appearances throughout all of the books.  Michael played an important role in each of the other two books so I was hoping when he needed those friends help in return they would be there, not the case, both Alex & Luke made an appearance but it was very brief and it felt almost forced.   I also felt the secret of the book went on a little long, with some of the situations that happened you would begin to figure out what the secret is pretty quickly, or at least question, but no it just kept going on and on, as if the characters had little intelligence.

So I guess overall the stories were a hit & miss for me, but everyone has different opinions so I am going to give you a chance to decide if you like them for yourself.    I will send all 3 books to a commenter who wants to take a shot and read these for herself, all I ask is you let me know what you think after you read them (I love to hear others opinions on books)

Grade C



  1. Jane

    I’ve enjoyed a few of Emma’s books.

  2. Aurian

    I am not yet familair with Emma Wilde’s books, but I would like to try them. So, put my name in the hat please :).

  3. ClaudiGC

    I haven’t tried one of Emma Wilde’s books yet, but I would love to! Her series sounds really good!


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