Home For Christmas by Fiona Greene

cover55325-mediumTitle:  Home For Christmas

Series:  N/A

Author:  Fiona Greene

Genre:  Romance

Blurb:   What began as an impersonal-but-cheerful holiday gift for a soldier far from home becomes so much more…

Sergeant Tate McAuliffe, stationed in Afghanistan, opens his Christmas care package from Australia and is stunned by both its contents and the sender.

Fun-loving Christmas tree designer Layla Preston is a breath of fresh air for loner Tate. Although they’ve never met, their email friendship quickly develops and their feelings for each other deepen.

But Layla knows the heartache that loving a soldier can bring and when Tate is injured, her deep-seated fear drives them apart. With their relationship in tatters, can Layla and Tate work through their differences, so Layla can welcome Tate home for Christmas?

Thoughts:  This was a really sweet, distance-based romance about two people who fall in love with each other from afar while corresponding after a Christmas care package that really touches one of the soldiers overseas. They both find something they need in each other – but also find something they most fear there as well. Don’t let the military aspect of the story mislead you – for the most part, the story is relatively a quiet one – not much action to be seen within the pages of this one. It’s a soft, contemporary story, and the Australian spin on it gives you a nice glimpse somewhere else for the holidays – not enough to leave you confused, but like your vacationing with family somewhere else. A very heartwarming tale for the holidays! For me though, it was only half finished – it still felt like they had a way to go for me. Sure, the story was drawn out for awhile through their letters and correspondence – but once they were able to physically be together, I wanted to see how that impacted their relationship. I wanted to see a little more of them actually together before the book wound down to a close, otherwise it just seemed a little too….unfinished for me.

Rate:  B+


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