Keep Me Closer by Rhyannon Byrd

cover44761-mediumTitle:  Keep Me Closer

Series:  Dangerous Tides Book #2

Author:  Rhyannon Byrd

Genre:  Romance

Blurb Five years after the end of his marriage and his career as a detective, Alex Hudson wears a permanent suit of armor to keep the world at bay. Now a PI in South Florida, he believes that he’s better off free of romantic complications—even if a certain beautiful redhead makes him sweat with little more than a look. But he’s determined to steer clear of women and the trouble they bring. Until trouble comes uninvited…Renowned therapist Brit Cramer has seen her fair share of violence and knows how to handle it. But when a former patient targets Brit as his feminine “ideal,” she finds help in the last place she ever expected—the tall, dark, outrageously sexy Alex Hudson, who saves her from a violent attack. Brit’s been powerfully attracted to Alex from the moment they first met several years ago, but she knew better than to do more than enjoy the view…The initial uncertainty they both feel shatters in the face of a searing, absolute desire, but their time is running out as they find themselves caught in the sights of a madman who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Before they know it, they’re fighting not only for their lives, but for the possibility that they may have both found exactly what they’ve always wanted and needed…in each other.

Thoughts:  This series is one of my absolute favorites from Rhyannon Byrd.  The first one was absolutely amazing, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this next one.  It doesn’t let you down either – it has everything you need to make an outstanding novel – charismatic characters, suspense and intrigue, hot chemistry, exceptional side characters, etc.  And we finally get to delve behind those sparks we seen between Brit and Alex in Take Me Under.

While I loved this book, too, it wasn’t quite as much as the first one.  In the middle it sort of lagged a bit for me, but other than that it was just a great read.  It is a stand alone novel, but you simply have to read the first one – it was simply exceptional!  There are characters that make brief cameos though that are familiar faces from previous books – which is how – when I noticed a few characters that I had no idea who they were – I discovered I had missed a novella!  (Sometimes, a release sneaks by me!)  I definitely plan on reading that one as well!

Rate:  A-

*For those of you interested in the novella, it is a compilation of two books (one by Shayla Black, and the other by Rhyannon Byrd).  The title for these works is Wicked and Dangerous.


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