Lure of Oblivion by Suzanne Wright

Title: Lure of Oblivion

Series: Mercury Pack Book #3

Stand Alone Title: yes
Author: Suzanne Wright

Genre: Romance, Paranormal

Blurb: Gwen Miller may be a human, but she has no problem taking a stand against her own kind. She’s going to testify against the teenage boy she saw viciously assault a lone shifter female—and no amount of pressure from the boy’s wealthy family will make her back down. But when the harassment turns violent, help comes in the form of a lean, toned wolf with winter-gray eyes.

As a guest at Gwen’s inn, shifter enforcer Zander Devlin can’t help but notice that the fierce and leggy brunette is in serious trouble. Since she’s putting herself at risk for one of his kind, keeping her safe is the least he can do. That’s not the only reason Zander wants her close. He desires her, even as the wolf inside him backs away from her. But his feral instincts are hard to keep down, and as they take shape, they’re harder for Gwen to resist. Then again, embracing them could be the only thing that could save her life.

Favorite quotes: “It doesn’t take a gynecologist’s opinion to know you’re a pussy.”

“Already did,” he rumbled.  “Touched you.  Tasted you.  F@#$ed you.  Multiple times.  And I’m gonna do it again.”

“Are you going to watch me struggle?”   “That position pushes out your tits and your ass, so, yeah.”

Thoughts: Suzanne Wright is one of those authors that makes me switch my total TBR list around and bump her newest title straight to the top.  I have yet to read a book I didn’t like.  I wouldn’t put this one at the top of my favorite list, but it is a great one and one you still find yourself caught up in it.  Gwen alone was an interesting character – I love heroines that tell it like it is.  Sometimes with blunt honesty and an ‘I don’t give a rat’s ass’ attitude.  Gwen certainly falls into that category.  She’s also a caring character who collects people that she will protect with her last dying breath.  Her loyalty is what makes her who she is, and that’s what really hits Zander and has him spiraling further and further in love with her.  You just have to keep reading to see what happens next – just like with every other title by Suzanne Wright.

Definitely a recommended read.

Rating: A-/B+


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