Mine by Helenkay Dimon

cover69622-mediumTitle:  Mine
Series:  Holton Woods Book #3
Author:  Helenkay Dimon
Genre:  Romantic Suspense

Blurb:   She doesn’t depend on anyone for anything. He intends to make her his completely.

Natalie Udall thought her position at the CIA was secure—until protecting her team earned her an armed escort into certain danger. Natalie can’t stand the idea of being secreted away in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, especially since it means sharing close quarters with the controlling bodyguard enlisted to keep her alive.

Gabe MacIntosh joined the military to support his son, trained as a sniper and dealt with death on a regular basis. Now retired and operating a security firm, his first assignment is to protect a CIA agent on the run. She’s strong willed and difficult—and all Gabe can think about is exerting his domination and stripping her of every expectation she has.

Natalie has no intention of giving in to Gabe’s straightforward demands of dominant sex with no attachments—even though the very idea of giving up control thrills her like nothing ever has…

Thoughts:  Interestingly enough, this was my very first read by Helenkay Dimon. Some of fellow Book Reading Gals I know are fans of Dimon, and I decided I really needed to try this author. I have to say, I was impressed and this is definitely an author I will be reading more of. I absolutely fell in love with Elle Kennedy as an author a few months ago, and Dimon’s works are very reminiscent of her. The characters are intriguing from the very beginning, and the book just builds very steadily from there. On Natalie’s side, we have the work/suspense plotline going on, but we also Gabe’s whole personal storyline going on and all the questions that arise there as well. Definitely enough going on in these pages to keep you riveted.

I would definitely recommend her books – particularly to those who love romantic suspense.

Rate:  A


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  1. Sue

    I love this series, can’t wait to read this one! 🙂


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