Night Moves and Night Edge by Jessica Hawkins


Title:  Night Moves and Night Edge

Series:  Night Fever Book #3 and 4

Author:  Jessica Hawkins

Genre:  Romance

Blurb:   Lola should’ve known better than to fall for the devil.

Beau thought getting his power back from Lola meant he’d won the game, but all he did was teach her how to play. Now, she’s ready to take on the master himself, and only she knows the rules.

In order for Lola to get close enough to hurt him, she has to love him. It won’t be easy to love the devil, but it will be worth it—if it means sending him to hell where he belongs

When you play with the devil, you’d better not turn your back.

Beau never intended to fall in love, but what was once his conquest has become his prize. Until he ends up in the same position he was ten years earlier—between Lola’s legs and begging to have her. So when she purposely disappears into thin air, leaving him empty-handed and alone, Beau is consumed with the need to find her.

As Lola gets farther from his reach, Beau is driven to the brink of insanity trying to get to her. When he finds himself at the ledge, he has to decide if he can let Lola go for good—or if he’s going to bring her down with him.

Thoughts:  I received these books at the same time, and read them one after the other – so I felt it was better to write my review with both of them together. I had been on edge waiting for the continuation of this series for awhile, and book three jumps right in where the others left off. Keep in mind that this is a serial, so they all flow right into the next one rather seamlessly so you definitely want to read them in order. I love Jessica’s writing style and is one of the few authors who can surprise in where the book is actually going to go! This one didn’t fail to surprise me with the direction it went in, and it was definitely a great read. I was desperate to see where things went with these characters!

All I can really say at this point is – the books certainly live up to the anticipation!

And if you haven’t read Jessica’s books before – I definitely recommend her!

Rate:  A



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