Nikan Rebuilt by Scarlett Cole

Title: Nikan Rebuilt

Series: Preload Book #3

Stand Alone Title: yes
Author: Scarlett Cole

Genre:  Romance

Blurb: Does the past ever really stay in the past?

Nikan can never be complete. He’s got a rock group made up of the family he built for himself, more money than he knows what to do with, and a stream of groupies falling over themselves to date him. But none of them are her. The one regret that still plagues him, still taunts him with what he could have had.

Jenny is a survivor. Now running a group home after overcoming life in a cult lead by her manipulative father and watching her mother drink the poison he fed his followers, she fights to keep the light in the eyes of every boy who walks through her doors. Far from simple young love, Nik taught her to trust, showed her how good life could be. Before he formed the band. Before he became a famous rockstar. Before he destroyed it all.

A chance meeting after years of no contact shows the connection still blazes between them. But will they have their second chance at love? Or will the weight of their past crush their future together?

Favorite quote(s): “Is it wrong that I’m jealous of my best friend?  I hate that you just stepped into his arms when you won’t even look me in the eye.”

Thoughts: It wasn’t that long ago that I stumbled across Scarlett Cole as an author….and I was just in awe of her as a writer.  Every book I’ve picked up since then has just confirmed that impression, and now I just think every book she writes is liquid gold!  You can’t go wrong with her books – they are emotional, gritty, raw, intense, with laugh out loud moments that just leave you very well satisfied as a reader.

Nikan Rebuilt surprised me and really stepped up my opinion of this author even higher (if that’s even possible).  Largely because the main issue between this couple is that he cheated – and cheating is usually a no-go for me in any book.  We each have a list of our own ‘taboos’ in the books we read, and that happens to be a hot button of mine.  Granted, yes, in this book it happened many years ago, but to me the time just doesn’t matter.  I didn’t realize when I started it that that was a bone of contention in this book – I suspected, and then I just kind of hoped it was one of those ‘what I seen was just a glimpse of a misunderstanding’ things, like a girl trying to set him up to look like that’s what happened, or something similar along those lines.  By the time I did get that it was what happened, I was too caught up in the story and the characters to stop.  Such is the beauty of Cole’s writing.  I respect that Nikan was a character man enough to own up to what happened, his part in it, and acknowledged he had a lot to make up for.

And I respect that Scarlett Cole went there and just totally made it work.  Her way, her style.

I came out of this book even more in love with the author than I was before, and I can tell you I am proud she is one of my one-click buy, pre-order anything she writes authors.

Rating: A+

Other books in this series: Jordan Reclaimed (Book #1) and Elliott Redeemed (Book #2)   *also a spin-off of Second Circle Tattoos Series


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