Pistol Whipped by Ashley Bostock

cover80389-mediumTitle:    Pistol Whipped

Series:  Girls with Guns Book #3

Author:  Ashley Bostock

Genre:  Romance

Blurb:   She’d known him for forever…
Gabriella Crawford has been best friends with Logan since the 2nd grade, but that’s all they’d ever been…friends. Suddenly after 20 years, Gabbie starts to notice Logan in a different light. But sex has never been something Gabbie thought was great and it’s certainly not something worth risking a friendship over. Or is it?

He’d never really seen her until now…
Logan Reeves should not be looking at his best friend’s breasts. Not even when he sees her modeling lingerie. But try as he might to stay in the ‘friend zone’ Logan can’t stop fantasizing about Gabbie. And when a business trip forces them to sleep in the same bed, all bets are off. Especially once Logan finds out Gabbie needs to be shown how good sex can be…

But is it too late?
Incredible sex might not be enough to keep these two together. Not when old secrets from the past and new career opportunities threaten to rip Logan and Gabbie apart forever.

Thoughts:  This is one of those books in which the cover can be a bit misleading….not to mention name of the series ‘Girls with Guns’.  I’m sorry, but I am picturing a pretty badass female that manages to get the upper hand over…and simultaneously fascinate the leading man….and with a somewhat action packed storyline.  To be honest I did not find Gabrielle to be a particularly strong one, and guns of any type didn’t really play a big role in the storyline overall….in fact, it’s not until close to the end that you finally go ‘oh, so that’s where the title comes from’.  It also happens to come about during a particularly mundane part of the story, that really seemed to be somewhat random and didn’t really connect with the rest of the plotline.  I actually enjoyed the storyline up until the requisite ‘gun’ came into play – which just seemed forced as a way to fit in with this ‘series’ and try to instigate some excitement.

Now, if you take out all of that and just look at this as a general romance with a best friend troupe to it, then it is actually a really decent romance. The characters were likeable, had great chemistry, and they were stumbling their way from ‘friends’ to ‘lovers’ – with the added challenge Logan’s father trying to entice him to New York to work with him, leaving Gabriella behind.  Your caught up in their romance, and you want them to be able to work through it, and the romance alone was worth a read for me.  I could have done without the rest.

Overall, a very good friends to lovers troupe.

Rate:  B+


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