Random & Rare by Cat Porter


91gmn9YpygL._SL1500_Title:  Random & Rare

Series:  One-Eyed Jacks MC Club Book #2

Author:  Cat Porter

Genre:  Contemporary

Blurb:   I am that gash in her soul.
Once I loved Grace, really loved her.
And she loved me, and it was so fucking beautiful.
That pendulum swings to and fro.
We’re here,
and then we’re—
How can that rare beautiful be rendered irrelevant, intangible when I still feel so damn much?
Does all that energy, that glory, that significance simply dissolve?
Turn to smoke?
To nothing?
It can’t. It just can’t.
Are the moments that shape us absolutely random?
Is time not fluid?
I made promises to them, to her.
Especially to her.
Promises I still burn to keep.

This book contains adult language, sex, violence and is intended for mature audiences.


Thoughts:  Cat Porter never ceases to amaze me with her talent….her first book, Lock & Key, blew me away, and I admit to having some hesitation on this second book. First, because there was a small (very small!) doubt that it could match up to the brilliance of the first book, but mostly because I knew this one features Dig – a character that…well, that died in the first book. While I love him as a character, I had reservations on how that might work. But with how much I absolutely LOVED – even raved – over book one, I absolutely had to read this one. (You can find my review for Lock & Key Book #1 here: Review for Lock & Key )  No doubt about it. So, again, I was thrilled to get an ARC (advanced reader copy) on this one.

Cat Porter managed to keep up her amazingly skillful writing in this next installment – Random & Rare is just as amazing as the first book. Porter just has this talent for being able to capture the brutal and blunt MC lifestyle with an refreshing honesty, yet still with these moments that make it so poignant and captivating and so beautiful you want to cry at the same time.   With Random &Rare, we get some insight into a lot of the events from Lock & Key (book #1), only this time from Dig’s point of view. I loved getting to see things from his viewpoint, especially when it came to his thoughts about Grace and the interactions with her. I loved spending time with his character again – I love Dig! – but it was so sad, too! I have to say though, in the middle, we switch back to Grace’s point of view, and while that’s great for those of us who know and love both books, for anyone just coming into this series it will definitely be confusing. Starting it out, from Dig’s perspective, your coming into with ‘new eyes’, albeit from Dig’s POV rather than Grace’s – however, then there is this huge gap in events that aren’t explained in relation from book one to book two – events that only readers from book one would be aware of. Uhm….for readers, of book one, that key word here is M-i-l-l-e-r….Which to new readers would be just a little bit confusing, needless to say!

However, all that means is I recommend reading them in order – trust me, they are both worth it! I love Cat Porter’s writing, and this one has an extra level of story weaving to it that brings this whole story together in a way we just weren’t expecting!

Rate:  A+



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