Salvation by Stephanie Tyler

salvationTitle: Salvation

Series: Defiance bk 3

Author: Stephanie Tyler

Genre: New Adult, Dystopia

Luna is headed for trouble. She knows exactly what the men who run motorcycle clubs are capable of—the ruthless violence, the grabs for power, the brutal treatment of women. The one bright spot in her dark world is being held against his will by a rival gang after sacrificing himself for the sake of the club—without saying goodbye first. She needs to bring Bishop home to Defiance, both for the good of the MC and for herself.

Keller’s mafia has thrived in the fallout from the Chaos and their compound is a city of sin, a world of depraved excess where people live in fear with nowhere else to go. When Luna is taken prisoner, Bishop has no choice but to lie. As far as the enemy knows, she’s his. It’s the one thing that will keep her safe.

Caught off guard, Luna follows Bishop’s lead. And that’s where the lines begin to blur, because what’s been building between them for real is undeniable. But what Keller’s protecting is something he’ll kill to keep under wraps and with Defiance unable to come to their rescue, and only each other to turn to, Luna and Bishop may be facing their final goodbye.

Thoughts: I am not going to lie to you this series is on of my crack series. I love the world that Tyler has created, the characters, okay I love everything about it.

When we last left the world of Defiance Bishop had left it to go to another gang in exchange for his best friend Mathias. He knows exactly what he is doing and the consequences that will follow.

Luna has been an enigma for me from the start. I was never really sure what was going on in her mind and why she did the things she did. As we get to know Luna however we discover that there is a lot going on in her mind and she’s reached her breaking point. Which is why she does something no sane person would. She goes out on own and straight to Bishop at Keller’s compound.

One of the driving forces in Luna’s life has always been Rebel, and we finally get to see what is going on with him. I have to admit I loved the scenes with Rebel and….nope not going to tell you. I will say that it changes everything and I can’t wait for Stephanie to tell his story.

As much as this book was the story between Luna and Bishop I really felt like it was more Luna’s story than Bishops and that was fine because as we’ve seen from the beginning Bishop has no doubts about who he is, what he is and what he wants from life. He just had to wait for Luna to figure it all out.

There is a lot that happens in this book, more so than in the other books in regards to what is happening in their world now and how they have to forget about the past and build a new future. The Defiance gang was already aware of somethings thanks to Jess (book 2) and this book takes that knowledge and builds on it.

If you haven’t yet picked up this series, than I highly recommend that you change that. This is one of the best dystopian series being written today.

Grade A



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