Skin Heat

Skin Heat

Skins bk 3

Ava Grey

Veterinarian Geneva Harper finds herself irresistibly drawn to Zeke Noble, the mysterious young man to whom wild is second nature. When a killer threatens Neva, Zeke’s need to protect her is as fierce as his desire to claim her as his mate.

When Geneva Harper decided that she wasn’t going to follow the family party line, her parents did everything in their power to make her, including going so as to cut her off from her trust fund, which makes paying the bills rather difficult. However she refuses to give up or give in. She also can’t understand how they can accept the death of her twin brother Luke so easily, especially when his body has never been found.

Zeke is a very simple man, all he needs or wants is his land and someday a family to call his own, that is until one day when he is kidnapped and put through unspeakable horrors, so much so that they change him, and not in a good way.  It has been six months since he was taken and he has finally made it home, now he needs to find a job to help him through till he can replant his crops, he manages to find a place for himself at Geneva’s vet clinic.

When Geneva suddenly finds herself homeless Zeke opens his home and eventually his heart to her.

This book had so much potential however it just fell short on so many levels. If the author had just written a love story between Zeke and Geneva it would have been redeemable, because that part was really good, you could feel that connection between them from the start, and wanted to see them together because they complimented each other so well.

Having never read the other books in this series I just figured that I had missed the reason for the kidnapping of Zeke, but this was never even addressed at least that I remember until the very end, and then it wasn’t cleared up for me at all. What happened to him just didn’t make any sense to me.

Then there was the murderer, I had a huge WTF with this whole story line as it never made much sense to me, and then when the murderer is revealed another WTF, was that really necessary. I felt like that whole story line could have been taken completely out of the story and it would have made this book so much better. It felt like the author felt she needed a conflict beyond the differences in Zeke and Geneva’s backgrounds and came up with this and it completely ruined the story for me.

Grade D


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