Smokin’ Hot by Lynn LeFleur

cover42772-mediumTitle:  Smokin’ Hot (anthology)

Series:  N/A

Author:  Lynn Lefleur

Genre:  Romance/Erotica

BlurbDeep in the heart of Texas, the firefighters are hotter, sexier, and totally out of control. .

Singe – Stephen is an adrenaline junkie. And then he meets Julia and her sexy curves. He’s on fire with the need for her, a Texas-sized blaze that jumps from one to five alarms the moment their lips touch. . . 

Smolder – Marcus lost everything–his wife, his family, his business. Then nearly his life fighting fires. But out of the ashes he found something that never stopped burning. And this time he won’t let go… 

Spark – Childhood friends Talia and Dylan have been putting out fires as long as they’ve been in denial about their feelings. But one night everything changes, a fire’s lit, and it’s too hot to ever go out…

Thoughts:  If the cover is not enough to reel you in, the fact that it’s about super hot firefighters should do the trick!  Smokin’ Hot is an anthology with three separate but connected short stories, in which three firefighters who work together hook up with the women they most lust after.  I’m usually a little leery of anthologies, as I usually wind up only liking one out of the three or four that are included.  However, in this case all three of them are really good, which made for a very strong collection of stories.  I particularly enjoyed Singe and Spark, though.  Smolder seemed a bit complicated for such a short story, considering the were a divorced couple reconciling.

The only thing that persistently bugged me was a fetish for ‘scratching’ during the sexy parts.  This is not your run of the mill scratching the man’s back kind of sexy, but a “So you like your nipples scratched, huh?” type of thing which was a little odd in the story.  I just shrugged it off the first time, but in every one of the three stories, there is this odd reference to scratching – so much so that if you couldn’t pinpoint the author from the writing style alone, you definitely could by the whole scratching thing.  Other than that, it was an amazing set of novellas that were fun, sexy, and steamy enough that you might need to call your own firefighter out to put out the blaze!  And wouldn’t that be nice?…;)

Rate:  B+


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