Sweet Enemy by Heather Snow

 Title: Sweet Enemy

Series: A Veiled Seduction Novel Book 1

Author: Heather Snow

Genre: Historical Romance


Geoffrey Wentworth, the Earl of Stratford, is a war hero focused on affairs of king  and country rather than on affairs of the heart.  Nevertheless, his mother is playing matchmaker, and has invited potential brides to visit the family estate.  Geoffrey resigns himself to playing host to a gaggle of husband hunters more interested in his title than in him – until he unexpectedly meets one notable and intriguing exception. 

        Miss Liliana Claremont has no interest in being an earl’s wife, least of all Wentworth’s – the son of the man she believes murdered her father.  Liliana is determined to find evidence of the crime, but her behavior rouses the earl’s suspicions as well as her own undeniable attraction to a man she thought was her enemy. 

         As Geoffrey and Liliana explore their growing passion for each other, the truth behind their fathers’ enmity threatens to destroy their newfound love..….

Whenever I read a debut book from an author I go into it a bit excited and a little hopeful that I will have found a new favorite, only to be disappointed too many times to count when it did not quite hit the spot for me.  Well I am happy to say this is not one of this times!  I picked up Sweet Enemy and at first thought it sounded a little familiar but that feeling ended after page 3, the next thing I know I am almost done with the book, could not put it down!  Not often do I pick up something that sucks me in so thoroughly  that I have no concept of anything else but the world in the book I am reading.  Thank you Heather Snow for transporting me somewhere else for a much needed escape!

I fell in love with Liliana, her bravery in the face of danger, courage to go after what she wants, and loyalty to those she loves.   And what a hero in Geoffrey; not only is he a war hero but fights for the basic rights of his fellow comrades, he knows what is important in life and is not afraid to put his heart on the line.  This is a couple that will go down as one of the best in romance and make you want to reread Sweet Enemy for years to come.

The book has it all: intrigue, romance, betrayal, romance, treasure hunting, romance, humor, romance, and a HEA of course.  I have to say I am looking forward to the next installment in the series.  Now to go clean off those shelves and make room for another keeper.

Grade A+




  1. Gmapeony

    I dont read many historicals but this one sounds v.g. and I love the cover.

  2. Natalie's Mama

    This book sounds very good.

  3. Jeanne Miro

    What a great review of Heather’s book. I had been planning on reading Sweet Enemy before but after reading your review it’s going on the top of my list.

    I admire Heather for portraying her heroine having the initiative and strenth of character to try to investigate the murder of her father especially when you consider the time period Sweet Enemy is set.

    Many author wriitng in this time period don’t tackle the problems a female standing up to male authority that was the norm of that time period. It sounds like Heather did just that and much more.

  4. Heather Snow

    I am honored (and thrilled!) that you loved Sweet Enemy, and so glad that Liliana and Geoffrey’s story entertained and swept you away. As an author, that’s what I hope to be able to do with every story I tell. Thank you for taking the time to read and review Sweet Enemy.


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