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91mFH0nrMSL._SL1500_Title:  Getting It All
Series:  Sapphire Falls Book #4
Author:  Erin Nicholas
Genre:  Romance

Blurb:   There’s nothing like summertime in Sapphire Falls and Tucker Bennett is looking forward to hosting his best friend’s four young sons for the next three months. This is their first trip to Tuck’s farm since their father’s passing, and he’s fully prepared to step up for the boys. He’s also thrilled by the instant attraction to their aunt Delaney. He’s only ever wanted three things in life—his farm, a wife and kids. He’s already got the farm. Now it looks like Fate has delivered the rest in one complete just-add-dirt-bikes-and-a-new-puppy package.

Delaney Callan is beyond grateful for Tucker’s help while she catches her breath from becoming a sudden surrogate mother to her nephews. And she’s not immune to the sexual tension bouncing between them. But with all her focus on not screwing everything up with her nephews, there’s no time for a relationship, especially with marriage-minded Tucker. Of course, a casual summer fling is something else. After all, it would be a shame to waste a perfectly good barn…

Casual is the last thing Tucker wants. He’s set on taking care of Delaney and the boys, while she’s determined to prove she can go it alone. But she didn’t count on Sapphire Falls, the adorable little town filled with the loving, impossible-to-ignore Bennett family, well-meaning friends and everything four little boys could ever wish for.

What’s Delaney to do when the most impossible-to-ignore Bennett of all shows her the difference between what she needs and what she wants…and he turns out to be both?

If you’re a fan of Booze, bonfires, proposal-inducing pastry and using hay bales as a horizontal surface, this story is for you.

Thoughts:  This is my favorite Sapphire Falls book so far! Tucker and Delaney are just the perfect mix for this book….I love when your typical character roles are turned around and Tucker certainly does that – he’s always wanted to get married, and for years his best friend has been singing Delaney’s praises from afar. So much so, that his family already has them practically engaged even before she hits town with the four little boys who already hold his heart – but once he meets her? Oh, yeah – his single days are numbered, his family already has them practically hitched, and his mom’s famous engagement cake is already made…. unfortunately, the future bride has other plans! Delaney is determined to prove that she can make it all on her own – that she can provide for herself and the four boys she’s now supporting without taking the easy way out and relying on someone else. But Tucker is proving to be a temptation she’s not sure she can resist…..

To be honest, this book was a bit of a turning point for me in this series. Up until now, Sapphire Falls has not really been a hit for me as a series – the first book started out really good, the second one was just okay for me, and I didn’t read the next couple of books (book three and a few novellas) – which is crazy because I absolutely LOVE Erin as an author. For some reason, I was just having an issue connecting with this series and the characters – but, trust me, all that changes with this book!  THIS is the turning point. This is that magic that I was waiting for. Whatever it is, you just can’t help falling in love with Tucker and Delaney and I think now I am finally hooked into this series…..before this book, I seen this series as one in which I could either ‘take it or leave it’….I wasn’t invested, or eagerly awaiting the next book. Oh, did that ever change! I am so looking forward to the next one now! Bring on some more Sapphire Falls!

Rate:  A+

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Excerpt:  “You’re not on your own, Laney,” Tucker said against her hair. “It’s going to be okay. I’m going to help you with all of it.”

He didn’t even know what all of it was, but there was something about being in his arms, and that low, confident voice, and…being in his arms, that made her believe.

And with that I’ll-worry-about-it-later decision made, his warmth and strength and scent surrounded her and completely distracted her from feeling anything else.

It was so nice.

When she hugged the boys, she was reminded that there were lots of good feelings still to be felt—happiness, love, joy, hope. They were here, right now, full of life. There were tough times ahead but there were awesome times too. First and last days of school, spelling competitions, baseball championships and vacations. They would be discovering new books, new interests, new friends. There was a lot to look forward to.

That’s how it felt in Tucker’s arms. New and hopeful and exciting. Times a hundred.

She knew that getting physical with Tucker just because she was lonely or tired or because she was grateful to him wasn’t smart. She knew that using pleasure—whether it was alcohol, drugs, sex or anything else—to mask or forget about the harder, more painful things was dangerous. She knew that sex with Tucker wouldn’t fix everything.

But it would fix one thing. It would break her streak of I-don’t-know-what-I’m-doing, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants, I-don’t-know-what-I-want stuff that she’d been living with.

She did know what she wanted in this case and she did know what to do about it.

Delaney pulled back slightly and looked up at Tucker. His gaze met hers and she saw that he knew exactly what she was thinking.

She sat up, twisting to face him. He didn’t say anything. He didn’t pull her closer. He didn’t push her away. He sat and waited, letting her make the decision—and the first move.

Delaney leaned in and put her lips to his.

He still didn’t do anything. He didn’t resist the kiss. But he didn’t deepen it or prolong it when she leaned back.

She got it. He wasn’t going to take advantage of her in her weak emotional state.

Well, fuck that.

She was tired of being weak and emotional.

She took hold of his shirt in one hand, tipped her head and went back in. This time she opened her mouth and licked along his bottom lip.

That was the magic touch.

There was a rumbled groan from Tucker’s chest and his hand came up to the back of her neck. It was the palm of his hand against her neck, but it was skin to skin, and her whole body responded. He opened his mouth as well and met her tongue with a long, bold stroke of his. Delaney relished the pleasure rolling through her, hot and fast.

Yes. This was good. Pleasure. Taking charge and having it turn out well. Feeling confident. Knowing exactly what she was doing. This was all very good.

Tucker’s other hand moved from the back of the swing to her hip, and for a moment, she thought he was going to turn her to straddle him. But when she wiggled in his lap and felt his fingers curl into her neck and hip, she realized he was holding her in place.

Or trying to.

And why was that? The hard ridge behind his fly was pressed against her thigh and told her that him wanting her was not the problem. Was he trying to be a gentleman? Was he afraid she didn’t know what she was doing? That she was reacting this way because she was an emotional

basket case?

She needed to start convincing people—lawyers and school administrators and doctors and counselors and her parents and herself—that she was very much in her right mind and not emotionally volatile.

No time to start practicing like the present.

She leaned back. “I want this,” she told him, gaze on his, trying with everything in her to exude confidence.

He hadn’t moved his hands off her and she felt his grip tighten minutely. But he pulled in a deep breath and shook his head. “Too fast.”

She gripped his shirt harder and gave him a little shake. “Life is short, Tucker.”

That got his attention. She could see how his jaw clenched, felt how his fingers definitely curled into her harder and something flickered in his eyes.

“Life is short,” he finally said. “And if you want something you should go for it.”

She sighed. “Yes. Exactly. And I want this.”

“I’m just not sure we’re thinking of the same this.”

She wiggled against him again, delighted at the quick intake of air it caused in him and smiled. “Well, it’s been a while, but I think I’m being pretty clear here.”

“Laney…the thing is, once you’re in my bed, you’re not leaving it.”

His voice was gruff, his gaze intent, and it seemed like the hard body under hers had just heated twenty degrees.


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