The Sheikh’s Contract Fiancée by Leslie North

Title: The Sheikh’s Contract Fiancée

Series:  Almasi Sheikhs Book #1

Author:  Leslie North


Blurb:  She’s expecting a simple business deal, but he’s expecting much more…

Annabelle works tirelessly for her father’s mining company, despite their rocky relationship. So when he asks her to travel to the Middle East to complete an important business merger, Annabelle sees an opportunity. It’s her chance to prove her worth, but the culture clash proves difficult for the strong-minded American woman. She’s supposed to work closely with the son of the oil company’s CEO, but Annabelle’s not sure what to make of Imaad. He may be gorgeous, but she refuses to be cowed by his good looks or his old-fashioned ways.

Sheikh Imaad is ruthless in his business dealings for the family oil company, but standing up to his traditional father is not as simple. When he learns his father’s full intentions–that the business arrangements include an arranged marriage to the American executive, Imaad wants to refuse. His intended bride is both beautiful and brash, but Imaad has a plan. If he can convince Annabelle to go along with the fake marriage, they might both get what they truly want. Sounds simple, but Imaad soon realizes it won’t be easy to tame a western woman.

To please their families and prove their worth, just how far will Imaad and Annabelle be willing to go? And what will happen when the charade starts to get a little too real?

Favorite quote(s): “I want you,” Imaad murmured, his breath coming out hot at her ear.  “Since the moment I saw you.  Arrangement or not, it doesn’t change how I feel.”

Thoughts: The Sheikh’s Contract Fiancée was a bit of a short read, particularly regarding the storyline – there was a lot of things involved, for example, the culture differences, the family elements, etc. which I believe did not leave enough time to delve into everything with the depth needed.  This issue nagged at me throughout the book and detracted my enjoyment quite a lot.  I had trouble connecting with the characters, particularly Annabelle.  She’s supposed to be this successful business woman; however her behavior certainly does not exemplify this.  Not only is she rude, but it feels like every word out of her mouth is a curse word.  I have a hard time picturing her as the business woman she is supposed to be, when she is there to complete a merger with another company – a foreign country – where all she does is criticize, complain, and curse.  Particularly with their customs and their view of women.  This one just wasn’t my cup of tea for many reasons.  It was okay, but just wasn’t the strong book I was expecting.

Rate:  C


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