The Tycoon’s Forced Bride by Jane Porter

cover82334-mediumTitle:    The Tycoon’s Forced Bride

Series:  n/a

Author:  Jane Porter

Genre:  Romance

Blurb:   Malcolm McKenzie will never forget that night in New York when he put Ava Galvan in a taxi following a heated argument, and the Argentine beauty was involved in an horrific accident—one that ended her career as an acclaimed soloist with the Manhattan Ballet, and impaired her memory and ability to live an independent life.

The Scottish tycoon and philanthropist lives with his guilt, and another consequence: Ava was pregnant with his child the night of the accident. Ever since that night, Malcom has raised Jack as a single father.

But Ava is stronger now, and Jack wants his mommy to come home. Malcolm has never stopped wanting her and he’s determined to do whatever it takes to claim Ava—with or without her consent.

Thoughts:  I really like Jane Porter as an author…..I have read a number of her books, many of which are constant re-reads of mine.  This starts out with a tragic heroine which we immediately feel empathy for, and the characters have quite a bit off old baggage and events to muddle their way through.  I had a difficult time connecting with these characters and really engaging in the story.  It’s a short read to be conquering so much heavy baggage and that certainly impacted my enjoyment of the story.

Rate:  C


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