When Danger Bites by Heather Long

Title:  When Danger Bites

Series:  Bravo Team WOLF Book #1

Author:  Heather Long

Genre:  Romance, Paranormal

Blurb:   Buttoned-up Corporal Kaitlyn Amador is dangerous on every level. As a human, she poses a threat to Marine Captain Jax Raymond’s special Force Recon unit. Though the team has a reputation among the other recon units, only their commanding officer knows their secret. As a woman, the danger posed is entirely different. Jax can survive the temptation for only so long before his wolf takes over and pursues what it wants.

Military intelligence specialist Corporal Kaitlyn Amador is the first woman in the Marines to be assigned to a recon team. And everyone’s watching her. Her mission? Not only prove herself worthy of her place in the group, but uncover the mystery of why Bravo Team is so successful. A mission that gets more difficult every time she’s near Jax…

Thoughts:  Heather Long has just been added to my list of favorite authors – this was my first book by her and I can already say it will not be the last!  Everything about this book was just amazing!  Long managed to take the typical paranormal novel with a military shifter theme to it and just completely take it to a whole new level.  I’ve read the paranormal/military themed books before, but none of the others I have read hold a candle to this one.  To my pleasant surprise, it also features a strong, military female – something that has also been lacking in other books and something that was excellently written by the author.  The book hooked me from the very beginning and I was so caught up in it that I was eagerly hoping that book two was coming out soon.  When Danger Bites was a book that was excellently written and it’s not a book that I will quickly forget.  I’ve already started hitting other available books by this author, and I can’t wait to read more from this series as well!

Rate:  A+


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