Wild Hawk by Justine Davis

cover62473-mediumTitle:  Wild Hawk

Series:  Hawk Trilogy Book #1

Author:  Justine Davis

Genre:  Romance, Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Blurb:   Jason Hawk only came to his father’s funeral to spit on his grave. That was the best the old man deserved from the bastard son he’d never given a damn about. The son whose plan for revenge had now been derailed by Aaron Hawk’s death. Or had it?
Kendall Chase was Aaron Hawk’s smart and efficient executive assistant, and had come to know a side of the old man that few saw. But convincing Jason there had been more to his father, more to his whole life’s story than Jason knew, wasn’t easy. He was as tough as the father he hated. And more compelling than any man she’d ever met.
Convincing him the mysterious Hawk family book, a history now chronicling treachery and murder, had answers even for things yet to occur, was a much bigger job. Despite his attraction to her, the only part of Kendall’s stories Jason believes is that his father’s vicious widow is determined to see that Jason gets none of the inheritance left him.
In the end, Jason has to make a decision. Is the magic real? Or more importantly, is the revenge he’s wanted for nearly 30 years, worth losing Kendall.

Thoughts:  This was a good romance, with a tiny bit of supernatural phenomenon thrown in. The Hawk family ‘book’ only appears to a Hawk descendant when they are the last of their lineage alive – and little does Jason Hawk know or expect the complexity of events that happened in the past – or what is happening in the present. He came home to finally have revenge on the father that he feels betrayed him and his mother – but he never counted on Kendall, or the mysterious Hawk family book.

I really enjoyed reading as the events unfolded within the pages of this book – there was always just enough to keep you interested. From the very beginning, the villain of the piece is revealed, and the events are pretty predictable. What gives that little extra something is the magic….while the Hawk family book seems a little corny at first, the idea of it slowly weaves it’s way into the story and before you realize it – it captivates you. See…magic!

Cute romance with a little suspense and magic thrown in that makes for an enjoyable, lighthearted read.

Rate:  B


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