Wolf’s Heart by Anne Marsh

cover80729-mediumTitle:    Wolf’s Heart

Series:  Bayou Wolves Book #3

Author:  Anne Marsh

Genre:  Romance, Shapeshifters

Blurb:   In a seductive new standalone shape shifter romance from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Anne Marsh, to take over a local pack Cajun werewolf Jace Jones must first take a mate… but she wants nothing to do with a big, bad biker who sometimes turns furry.

“You don’t have to do anything. I’m gonna take care of everything.” I mean it, too. While sinking my d*ck inside her tops my current wish list, I also intend to make this good for her. She’s had a sh*t deal in life, and I absolutely want to kiss her better. The way I see it, all she has to do is enjoy. I’ll do all the rest. I’m practically a Boy Scout and she can pin the medal to my goddamned chest later. First, I have my mate to kiss.
~ Jace Jones

To keep the peace between two rival wolf packs, Cajun werewolf Jace Jones agrees to become the alpha of The Breed pack and motorcycle club. There’s just one catch: he needs to mate the former alpha’s daughter and he’s damned certain she hasn’t chosen him. His new mate is sweet and sexy as sin, but she’s also been brutalized by the pack and the last thing she needs is one more wolf in her life. But before he can take his place as leader of the Breed, he’ll have to teach his woman her place… in the club, in his arms, and in his heart.

Werewolf bikers? Pass. Keelie Sue Berard has spent a lifetime trapped in the motorcycle club’s misogynistic world, first as the alpha’s daughter and then as a mate. She’s kept her mouth shut and her head down trying to survive, so she’ll do whatever it takes to walk away free to live her own life. But Jace terrifies her. He protects her. He owns her. And now he wants her…

Thoughts:  Basically, anything supernatural will hit my reading list at some point or another, and shapeshifters happen to be a favorite read of mine.  First off, I feel the need to warn those of you who might be looking for a little ménage action – based on this rather misleading cover – that that is not the case with this book.  I would have picked up the book regardless, however I did feel that the cover implies something that the book is distinctly not.  However, the blurb is honest in that it is a standalone even though it is book three in the series.

The book is sort of a meld of a typical paranormal, however it throws in a bit of an MC (Motorcycle Club) vibe in there as well.  While it was interesting to get a bit of that thrown in with this book, I’m not sure it was entirely successful there.  The MC vibe just didn’t come across as ‘real’ as some of the other MC themed books.  This also led me into conflicting feelings for the main character, Jace – one minute you like him and he seems like a strong ‘alpha’ character, the next he seems kind of arrogant and almost demeaning in how he speaks to Keelie Sue.  Keelie Sue was also a bit conflicting as her character practically screams ‘weak’, yet the next moment she is supposedly ‘stronger than people think’.

The writing style reminded me a bit of R.E Butler, if you have read any of her works.  I have to admit that I am not a huge fan of authors changing the points of view, but in this one each switch is distinctly labeled and clear to the reader.

Plenty of things to pitch into the ‘plus’ column and a few to pitch into the ‘minuses’ as well.  A generally good read overall.

Rate:  B-/C+



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