Touch Me by Kathryn Jane

cover49838-mediumTitle:    Touch Me

Series:  Intrepid Women Book #2

Author:  Kathryn Jane

Genre:  Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal

Blurb:   Telepathic abilities are a bitch and a blessing.

Shattered by the murder of her father, Grace has lost her passion for life, and swears she’ll never dance again. But a telepathic connection with a stranger sparks feelings, fears, and memories she can’t escape.

From the first moment Agent Logan hears Grace’s “touch me” in his head, he knows he can’t walk away from her cry for help. But reaching the intriguing woman who’s buried her feelings and abilities beneath an impenetrable armor requires all his gifts, and then some.

Will unveiling the secrets buried in Grace’s mind allow her to live again, find love, and dance? Or will a forgotten promise cost her everything?

Thoughts:  I’m always up for anything steeped in the paranormal, and with the whole telepathic gift I figured this one would be perfect.  The book was very intriguing a definitely kept you reading.  I can’t say what it was that had me feeling a little ‘off’ about this one – the easiest way is to just say that it seemed a little scattered for me.  I was unaware that this was part of series when I grabbed it, but that didn’t play a role in my feeling of the book.  It was easily a stand alone.  The vibe just felt off to me and it didn’t really read like a paranormal romance.

Rate:  B-


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